The caves: Gruta Rei do Mato and Gruta Maquiné

 Points of interest:

Near to Cordisburgo right at the entrance to the Brazilian outback you can visit one of the most beautiful caves in Brazil. The caves are famous for their magnitude of the walls and the columns. They are true palaces of stalactites and stalagmites.



Cordis is a Latin word and means heart; Burgo is German and means city. So it is the City of the hearts.



Cordisburgo is the entrance to the Brazilian outback. You can already feel the dry and worm climate here. The Brazilian outback is known for its cultural richness and a lot of writers and singers were inspired by this place.


Distance to the capital Belo Horizonte: 115km


Private Tour: Every day!


08:00AM – Meeting point: Hotel or Residence

09:45AM – Arrival at the Rei do Mato Cave – Sete Lagoas

12:00AM – Transfer to Cordisburgo

12:30AM – Lunch

01:30PM – Arrival at the Maquiné Cave – Cordisburgo

03:30PM – Visit to the house of the famous writer Guimarães Rosa (Closed on Mondays!)

04:30PM – Return to Belo Horizonte

06:00PM – Arrival at the Hotel or Residence

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