Sumidouro State Park and the Lapinha Cave (Lagoa Santa)

Sumidouro State Park and the Lapinha Cave (Lagoa Santa)

Points of interest:

In the Sumidouro State Park you can watch a lot of animals, for example: Marmoset Monkeys, Foxes, Nine-banded Armadillos, Red Deer, Oncillas and the Southern Tamanduá, between others.



“Sumidouros” are caused by depression and karst processes. Over millions of years those processes formed caves. The Danish scientist Peter Lund found several fossils in theses caves in the 19. Century, his research contributed to Charles Darwin´s Evolution Theory.


Private Tour: Tuesday to Sunday

Consult value for bilingual guides: English, Spanish, French and German!

Starting Time: 09:00AM – Hotel in Belo Horizonte or at the Serra do Cipó



Meeting point in Belo Horizonte or Serra do Cipó

Short Trekking in the Sumidouro State Park

Visit at the Peter Lund Museum and at the Lapinha Cave


Distance to the capital: 50km

Duration: 09 hours

Power of endurance: 

The walk takes 120 minutes, and includes steps and some parts slightly up the hill.

Including: Entrance fees, transportation and guides

What to carry: Light clothes, Bathing togs, Towel, Sport shoes, Cap, Camera, Sun blocker, Sun glasses, Insect repellent

Alimentation: Natural sandwiches, Dry fruits, Cereals, Nuts, Cookies, Water, Isotonic drinks, Energy products


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