Serra do Cipó

picodobreuDescription: The Serra do Cipó in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais offers leisure and untouched nature for families and adventurer. The region is well known for the typical food, the good infrastructure, cozy Inns and a wide range of outdoor activities.


Tours and Inns at the Serra do Cipó – Minas Gerais, Brazil

The researches done on the Brazilian ecotourism potential and hospitality infrastructure point out to the Serra do Cipó like an excellent destination for national and international ecotourism travellers.

Since the asphalt application between the capital and the Serra, the visitations to the national park and the near village have multiplied. With this improvement also changed the profile of the visitors and the accommodations. The whole region passed through a profound process of transformation. In the 1990ths ithe destination was known between adventurers, backpackers and climbers as the secret paradise of the Brazilian backwoods, because it was not explored touristy and because of the highest concentration of waterfalls in the whole state.

Today the Serra do Cipó represents the most visited leisure destination near to the capital Belo Horizonte and in the whole state of Minas Gerais. A lot of habitants of the capital spend their weekends and holydays here. The visitor can choose between holyday houses, inns and luxury spas in the village and outside.

We recommend the inns outside the village for adventurers, nature lovers and radical sports fans. Some are only accessible by mud roads, like the Tabuleiro village. The Tabuleiro waterfall is with his fall of 273 meters the third highest waterfall in Brazil (City: Conceição do Mato Dentro, MG).


altodopalacioHow to find the right Inn?

The Serra do Cipó is localized 100 km from Belo Horizonte and 60 km from the international Airport Confins. The region offers the visitor more than 100 forms of hospitality, the visitor will find five star inns, camping areas, Ranches with accommodation and holyday houses. Some inns offer natural swimming pools, whirl pools, sauna and indoor pools for the wintertime. The visitor will find a lot of recommendations and photos on the Internet. We recommend a research online and a reservation before your visit, because in the high season overbooking is possible.

Our agency can you assist with your bookings, giving you information about available rooms and the reservation without any extra charge.


What to do during the day?

The main attraction is the nature and the variety of waterfalls and biomes, but the region also offers a lot of cultural experiences for the visitor. The roads between the cities of Morro do Pilar and Conceição do Mato Dentro are part of the Royal Road. Further to the north of the state the Royal Road passes through the historical cities of Serro and Diamantina. Theses cities are well known for the artisanal production of cheese, cachaça and sweets. The first people to settle here were adventurers, looking for gold and diamonds. The small villages of the Serra do Cipó served for accommodation and supplies. Even today it is possible to visit some of the ranches of that remote times. A lot of them offer rooms and serve food. Visit for more information!

The Africans, who were brought to the region by the Portuguese to work in the mines, had a huge influence on the cultural identity of the region. Some of the survivors of the hard work, ran away and forms small communities, called Quilombos. Even today it is possible to visit some of these communities, they have preserved their knowledge and their own culture though the centuries. In the state of Minas Gerais exist more than 400 Quilombola communities. Each one with their very special traditions!

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