(Português do Brasil) Travessias na Serra do Cipó, Lapinha da Serra e Tabuleiro

The region near by the National Park “Serra do Cipó” offers different options for

long trekking, a very special one are the Two-day- tours and Three-Day- Tours, so

called traverse tracks, where the group starts on one point of the mountain and

arrives on the other side of it. These traverses are unique experiences for anyone

who is into trekking. The tracks are more or less 40 km long and can be done in 2

or 3 days. Some of the tracks take you right through the National Park Serra do

Cipó, and like every good trekking all of them finish with a refreshing bath in one

of the innumerous waterfalls. The Serra do Cipó is the region with most

fountainheads and waterfalls in the state of Minas Gerais, and one of the most

important National Parks in Brazil. The visitors will find clear water everywhere

they go!

One of the most important questions before you start a trekking should be the

equipment and the alimentation during the trip. You shouldn´t carry to much

weight, but neither forget very important items and the right food. On our

traverse trekking trips we organize custom made experiences, or with support

by 4×4 jeeps, horses, family houses for accommodation or camps under the stars.

Adventure tourism doesn´t mean that the visitors shall deny comfort, eat less or

tire because of the heavy weight of the backpack. We offer trekking for all kind of

visitors: Adventure, advanced trekking, contemplation and slowing down.

Everybody has his own objectives!

Some visitors are not sure, what to carry with them: The right cloth, utilities, and

food. For example, when we do trekking, we normally eat quite less than at

home. For a traverse trekking we recommend basic and light alimentation, it

should be easy to prepare.

What to carry in a small attack back pack for One-day- trips:

Bath cloth, sun blocker, a cap, sunglasses, water, a lamp and a loaded cellphone.

Food: Cookies (without salt), cereals, sweets without chocolate and dry fruits.

Perhaps also a natural sandwich with cheese, and salad. Always prefer fruits, like

apples, than juices or nectars. But carefully, because fruits can make you more


What to take with you for Two-day- trips or Three-day- trips:

If you booked a trip with a bed in one of the family inns, you don´t need to worry

about too much weight. A sleeping bag, a rain court, sox, long sleeves and

trousers for cold nights, towel, flip flops, soap, toilet paper, etc.

Cloths during the day: dark colored, light and long trousers, light long sleeve, a

cap or a had.

Cloths for the afternoon: Swimming cloths, flip flops and a fresh shirt

Cloths for the night: comfortable trousers, sleeping bag and a fresh shirt again.

In the morning we serve a complete breakfast with coffee, manioc bread, cheese

and fruits. The breakfast is the most important part of our tour, because we don´t

have lunch, only breaks for snacks!

Dinner: It really depends on your taste, we offer typical food form our state

Minas Gerais, but we also have vegetarian options, or you self can prepare your

favorite dish. Some trekkers prefer a large dinner full of stories under the stars,

other prefer a fast dinner and to retire early. There a lot of semi-fast food

options, but once again take car with salt and don´t carry bins with you. We don´t

leave our trash behind, so we need to carry everything with us until the next

trashcan. Beside carbohydrates we should eat some fat too, so usually the dinner

is prepared with some bacon or other meat.

The best thing is: Just follow your normal alimentation! Don´t eat too much salt

and drink a lot of water!

Take plastic bags with you to protect the food and carry the trash.

In our mountainous region, we need to be carful with open fire. Every dry season

we have bush fires around. So we do the fires inside the kitchen, where we have

less risk to get out of control. Again we offer tailor made tours, so we use our

imagination and creativity to get you on a unique trekking. Trip though one of

the most beautiful and preserved areas of Brazil!

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